Food Social

Project Detail

Looking for good food around or discovering a place to dine in? Food Social is here to help you! Use us as your 'starting point' for your next food adventure quest. Our expanding list of eateries will enable you to make your search using simple keywords. You can also refine your search with our advance filters if you want to. The best part is, everyone plays a part by suggesting new places to eat, updating food photos (we know you like this!) and giving reviews.
Search and browse places to dine or eat with our expanding list of merchants. -- Sort by location, cuisines and many other categories with our advance search filters. -- Share your experience and moments by snapping photos, videos, comments, and even share to your friends and family. -- Be latest and quick, Follow your favorite merchants to get latest information, new menus and promotions. Get connected! -- Follow your friends, family and food bloggers to get to know their latest food experience! -- Check-in at places you are visiting! --Get latest and instant happenings or promotion through our "Window" around your area.

Technology Used

  • Java for Android
  • PHP for Backend